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I just need to tell you again: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  This has got to have been the smoothest, most pleasant house hunting and finding in history! 
From start to finish, you listened; managed expectations; held my hand when needed; problem-solved; and helped me find the perfect house for me! And I could not be happier.  
I especially appreciated the drive around the community and your showing me different aspects of Pigtown/Washington Village so that I had a better sense of the community even before looking for houses there.
You were always available and accessible and there was never a moment in the process that I felt lost or that I had to fend for myself.  
THIS is the way to house-hunt and YOU are the "go-to" person! :)
Peace, Blessings, and I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!

Best Real Estate Agents in Baltimore! 

When I first started with Clausen it was apparent that he was skilled at what he does. I would not think you could find better agents in all of Baltimore than are working in the Results 1 office. 

- Jimmy Finch

Highly Recommended

My wife and I called Clausen when we saw his phone number on a for sale sign at a property here in Baltimore. He arrived on the scene within minutes and took us through the property. He was very thorough and informative. Although we liked the house he showed us well enough, Clausen directed our attention to another property which was close by that he thought was perhaps better for our situation. This is the house that we eventually bought with Clausen's help and we have been most happy here. Clausen is extremely personable and made both of us feel quite at ease. There was no pressure or any awkward moments that we have experienced with some other realtors. We sailed through the closing with flying colors thanks to the careful guidance of our realtor- Clausen Ely. 

Clausen is also deeply committed to improving our community and has his finger on the pulse of our area of Baltimore by being involved with many community groups and associations. Highly recommended. 

- Kim Miller, Camden Crossing

I Am Making Great Cash Flow

I have bought several investment properties. These guys always know the areas that are about to appreciate. I am making great cash flow. More important they always have a handyman, electrician etc around to help me out when the tenant needs something done. 

- Kevyn Settle

Poppleton St Thanks You! 

Clausen, everything with the market was exactly as you stated up front, and yet in this climate you made it happen in a way that is excellent for all parties involved, including the neighborhood itself. We are impressed! Take care all, we will recommend as the opportunity arises. 

- Annie and all the Rehills

The Same Day Eric Got A Full Price Offer 

We got a low-ball offer on my house. Eric wrote the potential buyer and his agent a detailed letter explaining why they should pay full price in this area (low inventory, house had many updates etc). The buyer changed his mind and paid full price for the house. The same day Eric got a full price offer on the second house he had listed for me. 

- James Erny

They Basically Did Everything For Me 

We looked for months in an area where only 1-2 houses came on the market at any one time and the 20-30 buyers ran the prices up. From their bank foreclosure prospecting they found me a great house that needed some work at 303 Scott Street. 

I was unsure at first but they showed me how to get the construction loan (they basically did everything for me) and then they basically taught me how to run a rehab project. In the end I got a brand new house with almost $75,000 in immediate equity. We stole this house right from under the other agents’ noses.  

- Alexa

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